Book Launch – Scottish Colonial Literature: Writing the Atlantic, 1603-1707

We have the great privilege of hosting the launch event of Dr Kirsten Sandrock’s new book:
Scottish Colonial Literature: Writing the Atlantic, 1603-1707

If you have already registered for the full symposium, there is no need to register for this event separately. If you wish to attend the book launch only, please register on Eventbrite.

Attendees will receive a 30% discount on copies of Scottish Colonial Literature.

Scottish Colonial Literature brings together previously dispersed sources to argue for a tradition of Scottish colonial writing before the Union of Parliaments. It focuses on three undertakings at Nova Scotia (1620s), East New Jersey (1680s) and the Isthmus of Panama, then known as Darien (1690s). Analysing works written in the larger context of the Scottish Atlantic, it examines how the Atlantic influenced seventeenth-century Scottish literature and vice versa. The relationship between art and ideology is key to the author’s discussion as Sandrock argues early modern writing employed utopianism as a tool for empire-building and as a means of claiming power over the Atlantic.

Kirsten Sandrock is Lecturer in English Philology at the University of Goettingen in Germany. She is the author of Gender and Region: Maritime Fiction in English by Canadian Women, 1976-2005 (Wissner, 2009). She has published on Atlantic literature, early modern literature, Canadian studies, Scottish literature and culture and postcolonial literatures.